Providing Residential Rehabilitation and Services to the Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled
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Residential Services

Skills Development Services offers a variety of residential services in Bedford, Coffee and Lincoln Counties. A residential home is a home that is owned by the agency and individuals pay room and board from their income. A supported living home is a home rented or leased by the individuals that live in that home. Presently the agency has 16 homes in which residents live in a variety of settings.

In the homes, residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Staff assist them in their daily living activities including personal hygiene, meal preparation, keeping house, activities, and leisure time. Homes range in size from two individuals to ten individuals depending on location.

Residential Rehabilitation

• SDS provides a variety of homes for individuals
• Homes with 2 to 4 people sharing costs, responsibilities and staffs.
• All homes provide 24 hour staff availability
 Staffs support, assist, and teach individuals independent living skills and self-sufficiency

Home Examples